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At V2:App, we believe in a world where internet access is unfettered and universal. Powered by the advanced V2Ray technology, V2:App is not just an application; it’s a commitment to online freedom and privacy.

Why Should Use V2:App?

A New Era of Internet Freedom

Global Access

Break through geographical barriers and access content from anywhere in the world.

Privacy & Security

Built on V2Ray technology, V2:App ensures your online activities are encrypted and secure.

Customized Mode

Tailor your internet experience with our flexible Global, Proxy, and Direct modes.

Free Beta Access

Join our beta program and enjoy V2:App’s full features for free, contributing to its evolution.

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Welcome To V2App

Your Gateway to Secure, Unrestricted Internet!

V2App, powered by the advanced V2Ray platform, offers seamless access to a free and open internet. Our solution emphasizes strong privacy and security, without compromising on speed and reliability.

Web Freedom
Solid Security
Privacy Guard
Connection Speed

What We Offer For You

Your Roadmap To Freedom Information On The Internet

V2App is your ally in navigating the digital world with complete freedom and security. Our platform, built on the powerful V2Ray technology, ensures that every user can experience an open, unrestricted internet across all devices.


VPN For All Devices

Our versatile VPN solution adapts to any device, providing a seamless and secure browsing experience everywhere.


Block Malicious

Stay protected with our robust security measures designed to block malicious threats and safeguard your online activities.

Ensure Privacy & Security

Streaming Access & Speed

Fully Encrypted Internet

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Clara Jepsen
    Clara Jepsen

    Collage Student

    V2App has completely transformed the way I browse the internet. With its intuitive interface and robust performance, I can now access content from anywhere without worrying about geo-restrictions. It's the most reliable VPN service I've used, and I've tried quite a few!

    Doe Salaban
      Doe Salaban


      After trying V2App, I can't imagine going back to any other VPN. The connection speeds are incredibly fast, and I love the extra layer of security. I've also noticed that it uses less battery on my phone compared to other apps, which is a huge plus!

      Jenie Doe
        Jenie Doe


        V2App is a game-changer! It's not just about unblocking sites; it's about providing a seamless and secure internet experience. The customer support team is fantastic – they helped me set up everything, and I've been enjoying flawless service ever since.

        Steven Chaw
          Steven Chaw

          Content Creator

          I've been using V2App for several months, and it's been an absolute lifesaver for protecting my online privacy. The direct mode feature is brilliant for when I want to access local sites quickly. Highly recommend for anyone who values their online freedom!

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